Matsusaka Beef Specialty

Mastsusaka beef 100% Beef Cutlet Sandwich
Mastsusaka wagyu beef Beef Cutlet Sandwich
Mastsusaka wagyu beef Beef Cutlet Sandwich

What is "Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Sandwich"?

Beef sandwich made with Matsusaka Wagyu Beef. Thanks to the popularity of this Osaka delicacy, the total number of sandwiches sold has exceeded 3 million! The luxurious beef cutlet is carefully deep-fried, layered with high-quality marbled and lean Matsusaka Wagyu Beef, and served with a slightly sweet sauce and lightly toasted bread. We hope you enjoy this ultimate beef sandwich full of the delicious flavor of Matsusaka Wagyu Beef.

Over 3million seller! Regular-size Tax-included ¥1,350 half-size Tax-included ¥750

*Product design, specifications, appearance, and prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Sandwich
  • Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Stock Curry - Black
  • Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Stock Curry - Gold
  • Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Sandwich - The secret to its deliciousness.

    Attention#1 100% Matsusaka Wagyu Beef!

    At "M", our Matsusaka Wagyu Beef specialty restaurant in Osaka, we have a dedicated procurement manager stationed in Mie Prefecture to purchase only carefully selected Matsusaka Wagyu Beef, one head at a time. We provide our customers with safe and secure ingredients a

    Attention#2 Nostalgic sauces

    As represented by Osaka's famous shish-kebabs, sauce goes well with pork cutlets. We have created a special sauce with a little sweet sauce and a hint of mustard to go with our beef cutlet. It is the perfect sauce to go with the beef cutlet.

    Attention#3 Layers upon layers

    This new concept of beef cutlet is made by layering several layers of Matsusaka Wagyu Beef lean and marbled meat in a well-balanced manner, carefully battering and deep frying each piece. One bite of this beef cutlet and you will feel the juices of the beef overflowing in your mouth and the flavor of the Matsusaka Wagyu Beef spreading out.

    A video showing how to get to the M&DELI store from the Shinkansen ticket gate at Shin-Osaka Station has been uploaded to YouTube.