Matsusaka Beef Specialty

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100% Matsusaka Beef Sandwich

100% Matsusaka Beef.

To make our succulent Matsusaka beef cutlet sandwich, we first pile up delicious Matsusaka marbled beef and its lean meat in many layers and then carefully fry it after encasing it in thin batter. The resulting beef cutlet is then sandwiched between toasted bread together with a slightly sweet sauce. The "100% Matsusaka Beef Sandwich" contains cabbage, mayonnaise and mustard.

Full-size〈Tax included〉¥1,290

Half-size〈Tax included〉¥720

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Matsusaka Beef Tendon Croquette Sandwich

Shin-Osaka Station Limited Menu

A simple and delicious croquette sandwich with Matsusaka beef tendon.The "Matsusaka Beef Tendon Croquette Sandwich" does not contain cabbage or mayonnaise. Mustard is served separately.

Full-size〈Tax included〉¥930

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Matsusaka Beef Stock Curry - Black

Enjoy the "umami" and spiciness of our carefully simmered Matsusaka beef tendon; its rich aftertaste lingering on and on.The combination of juicy beef tendon and the sweetness of the fat unique to Matsusaka beef produces a rich and deep taste.

1 piece〈Tax included〉¥864

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Matsusaka Beef Stock Curry - Gold

Matsusaka beef tendon is of the highest quality in terms of aroma, meat quality and fat. Its taste and flavour is unlike other beef tendons."Matsusaka Beef Tendon Curry Gold" - Spicy richness in a convenient box!

1 piece〈Tax included〉¥864